Philips Respironics System One DS1060 REMstar BIPAP ST - CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED


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The DS1060 BIPAP ST represents one of the more advanced BIPAP machines on the market. It is used, primarily for the treatment for what is commonly referred to as Complex, or Mixed Apnea. Besides providing the traditional inspiratory and expiratory settings, The BIPAP ST also provides a back up rate. The device does this by utilizing a feature that 'watches' the user's natural breathing pattern, prior to sleep, and ensures that pattern, and respiratory rate, are maintained during the course of sleep. The DS1060 offers both manually adjustable heated humidification, as well as a 'heated' tube, or 'thermal' tubing option, which allows the device to adjust the heat level for you, to maximize warmth, and minimize condensation, or rain-out. Three [primary] settings or parameters are available with this device - Inspiratory Pressure, Expiratory Pressure, and Back Up Rate.


  • Machine Type: BIPAP ST
  • Brand/Manufacturer: Respironics
  • Weight:4.2 lb with Heated Humidifier, 2 lbs,without.
  • Dimensions:7" x 11" x 4"
  • Noise Level:29 dB
  • Warranty:2 Year
  • Data Card:Yes
  • Software Available:Yes
  • Ramp:0 to 45 min. (5 min. increments)
  • Exhalation Relief: BIFLEX
  • Pressure Range:4-30 cm/H2O
  • Altitude Adjustment:Automatic
  • Heated Humidifier: Available
  • 110 Voltage:Yes
  • 240 Voltage:Yes
  • Can Use A Battery:Yes
  • Integrated Battery:No
  • Mask Off Alert:Yes

What’s in the Box

  • System One DS1060 BIPAP ST

  • Carrying Case included if purchased with Heated Humidifier

  • Disposable White Filter

  • Reusable Foam Filter

SD Card NOT Included

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