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ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt 36047 - Certified Pre-Owned

by ResMed
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S9 VPAP Adapt assists in the treatment of the following forms of Central Sleep Apnea disorders:

  • Complex sleep apnea – CompSA
  • Mixed sleep apnea
  • Periodic breathing disorder- Cheyne-Stokes respiration CSR

The device incorporates Ramp feature which helps patients falling asleep on a much gentler pressure. The device intelligently lowers pressure for the length of the Ramp time (up to 45 minutes) and then gradually returns to the prescribed pressure levels for maximum therapy efficiency. For a restful night of sleep and gentle therapy, the S9 VPAP Adapt is the best solution.

The system delivers two different modes of therapy:

  • Auto adjusting EPAP in ASVAuto mode
  • Fixed EPAP is ASV mode

S9 VPAP Adapt monitors the breathing cycle on a breath by breath basis and adjusts pressure levels according to the changing therapeutic needs of the patient. The system delivers maximum comfort and compliance from day one of use.

  • Leakage compensation through enhanced Vsync technology
  • Perfect patient-ventilator synchrony for the most efficient and comfortable therapy
  • Integrates with H5I Heated Humidifier with Climate Control- patients get constant and comfortable temperature/humidity levels right at the mask, regardless of changes in ambient parameters such as temperature or humidity
  • EasyBreathe pressure for gentle and quiet therapy
  • User friendly menu navigation so that patients can set up and use the device quickly and easily

S9 VPAP Adapt Unique ASV Algorithm

For ideal therapy outcomes, VPAP Adapt targets minute ventilation in the most optimal way. The unique ASV algorithm is capable of setting a target at 90% of the recent minute ventilation. The Backup Rate and Pressure Support adjust continually to the changing therapeutic needs of the patient, and the CPAP thus delivers ideal pressure and parameters all throughout the night.

S9 VPAP Adapt in ASVAuto mode is capable of responding to events such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea episode or flow limitation delivering always efficient therapy parameters through the mask.

Exclusive to ResMed, the EasyBreathe waveform ensures to deliver a gentle and comfortable therapy that replicates natural breathing. With the S9 VPAP Adapt even patients with the most complex Central Sleep Apnea complications can enjoy maximum comfortable therapy that is custom tailored to their changing therapeutic needs.

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