Fisher & Paykel CPAP Oxygen/Pressure Port Titration Adaptor, 10 Pack


Fisher & Paykel

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The 2 port adapter, shown in the diagram, is designed for use with all Fisher & Paykel Healthcare masks, or any CPAP mask manufacturer's masks, when entraining oxygen or measuring air pressure.

Insert the adapter between the mask swivel and main breathing tube as indicated on the diagram.

Remove the blue rubber cap and push the tubing onto the protruding port. Make sure that tubing is pushed as far as possible in order to prevent it dislodging during mask movement. Oxygen can still be bled in at the machine.

Also, the Fisher & Paykel CPAP Titration Adaptor can be used as a universal adaptor for CPAP masks and allows the user to add supplemental oxygen to their CPAP therapy.

CPAP Oxygen/Pressure Port Titration Adaptor - 10/Pack

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