Somnetics Universal Hose Adapter for Transcend 2 Series CPAP Machines



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Somnetics Universal Hose Adapter for Transcend 2 Series CPAP Machines

This Transcend Universal Hose Adapter by Somnetics is required for proper operation of the Transcend Auto miniCPAP Machine, Transcend EZEX miniCPAP Machine and Transcend miniCPAP Machine. You will need this Transcened Universal Hose Adapter to attach any standard 22mm CPAP hose to the outlet of the Transcend miniCPAP Machines.

Somnetics designed this Universal Hose Adapter to be part of your tubing instead of the Transcend miniCPAP Machines. By doing this, Somnetics was able to keep the Transcend miniCPAP Machines compact.

This adapter is used to hook up and CPAP tubing to the Transcend Sleep Therapy System. The Transcend Sleep Therapy System is a small, lightweight CPAP machine that can be worn on your head or on your night stand. It is a revolutionary development in CPAP machines and the treatment of sleep apnea.

It is REQUIRED to be in place when the Transcend is using a standard CPAP Tube unless a Transcend Integrated Heated Humidifier is also being used.


The Universal Hose Tubing Adapter is designed for use with all Transcend Series miniCPAP Machines including the Transcend II, Transcend EZEX, and Transcend Auto. It can also be used with Transcend (Original) Wearable CPAP Machines that have been upgraded with the Transcend-to-Transcend-II Upgrade Kit.


  • This Universal Hose Adapter does not work with the Transcend 'Soft & Wearable' Travel CPAP Machine
  • Does not include a hard cuff around the silicone machine connection end of the adapter
  • The swivel end of the adapter which connects to the long hose is made of hard plastic


  • Brand: Somnetics
  • Product Type: CPAP Hose Adapter
  • Latex Free: Yes