Shiley 6CDFEN Tracheostomy Tube, Low Pressure, Cuff, Size 6

Shiley 6CDFEN Tracheostomy Tube, Low Pressure, Cuff, Size 6



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Mallinckrodt Medical Inc Shiley™ Fenestrated Low Pressure Disposable Cannula Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube 6 Size 74mm L, 6-2/5mm I.D. x 10-4/5mm O.D., Offers Convenience of Inner Cannula Disposability and Fenestration Provides the convenience of a disposable inner cannula, which minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and helps protect health care workers Fenestrated tube permits patient to breathe through upper airway, if desired Disposable inner cannula features integral, 15-mm, snap-lock connector for quick, safe disposal after single use Includes a smooth, rounded-tip obdurate to facilitate insertion Designed for use to bypass upper airway obstructions, provide long-term ventilation, and support and/or manage tracheal/bronchial secretions Cuffed (low pressure), fenestrated

  • Disposable Cannula Fenestrated Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube (DFEN) offers convenience of inner cannula disposability and fenestration, permitting patient to breathe through the upper airway if desired.
  • Smooth rounded-tip obturator facilitates insertion.

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