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ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Certified Pre Owned

by ResMed
SKU 35001-CPO
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Current price $1,499.00

*Certified Pre Owned*


  • Pulse Flow Settings 1-4
  • 4.8 Pounds
  • 7.875” H x 4.38” D x 9.05” W
  • Up to 12 Hours of Battery Life (Setting of 2)
  • Sound Level: 44 dBA (Setting of 2)
  • 3 Year Warranty

Please note - Any smoking while using the unit or evidence that unit has been used in a smoke filled environment will void the warranty. 

Innovative 24 Hour a Day Oxygen Solution

The Mobi offers 4 pulse settings accommodating the majority of patients who have been prescribed pulse flow oxygen. It is equipped with intelligent delivery for those who use oxygen at night. As the patient drifts off to sleep their breathing often becomes slower and shallower. The Mobi will sense this and continue to deliver oxygen to keep the patient properly saturated. This is also useful for patients who sometimes breathe through their mouths without realizing it.


In addition to sleep mode, or intelligent delivery, the Mobi features patented Pulse Wave technology. The intelligent delivery system senses when you begin to exhale, triggering a pulse wave delivery. Instead of emitting the entire dosage as soon as a breath is detected, the dose is delivered in a more effective wave throughout your entire inhalation. Not only does this provide more accurate titration for better oxygen saturation, it also makes the machine much quieter without the sudden loud burst of oxygen that most concentrators emit.


Ultimate in Portability and Performance

Oxygen users are no longer content to be confined to their homes waiting for oxygen delivery. Today’s oxygen user is active, independent, and above all, mobile. The ResMed Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator is small, inconspicuous, and lightweight but doesn’t sacrifice performance.


It weighs in at a little over 5 pounds and is just under 8 inches high but you’ll never have to worry about running short on oxygen again with its long-lasting battery. The internal battery can last up to 6 hours on a setting of 2 but an optional external battery can add an additional 3 hours to that!


Internal Battery Life

Setting 1: Up to 8.6 Hours

Setting 2: Up to 6 Hours

Setting 3: Up to 3.8 Hours

Setting 4: Up to 3.2 Hours


With External Battery

Setting 1: Up to 13.1 Hours

Setting 2: Up to 9 Hours

Setting 3: Up to 5.7 Hours

Setting 4: Up to 4.8 Hours

Oxygen Output

Flow Setting Oxygen Output (milliliters per minute)
1 200 ml/min
2 324 ml/min
3 522 ml/min
4  681 ml/min


Driving with oxygen tanks in the car can be cumbersome and even a minor fender bender can become deadly. With the ResMed Mobi, drive coast to coast without the worry of your oxygen running out. Each unit comes with a D/C power cord that plugs right in the cigarette lighter of your car, truck, or RV. The D/C power cord will charge your battery while running your concentrator so you can recharge throughout your day as you run errands or visit friends.


To use and charge your concentrator while stationary, simply plug the A/C cord into any wall outlet. This can be done at home or while you’re out and about at restaurants, airports, or anywhere you have access, for a quick recharge.


Mobi is named for MOBILITY!

The Mobi comes with a custom carrying case for ease of transport but also for protection against the elements or slight bumps and scratches. It features spare compartments to accommodate cannulas and other accessories as well as a pocket for the optional external battery. The case comes equipped with a comfortable shoulder strap suitable for all-day use.


For the active oxygen user, a dedicated backpack is available for purchase. It makes navigating crowded spaces much more convenient. It also provides hands-free functionality for shopping, working in the yard, holding on to little hands on busy streets, or using mobility aids. For those with mobility devices, the Mobi can be used with 4 mounting straps to fasten the unit securely to a walker or motorized device.


We Will be One of the First Manufactures with Access to this New Product!

As a preferred dealer, we have already had a manufacturer training and preview session and will be receiving one of the first shipments of this much-anticipated product.  If you want one of these machines by the time Spring travel time is here, call today! They’re on a first-come, first-serve basis!