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ResMed AirTouch F20 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

by ResMed
SKU 63000
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The AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask is an alternative version to the popular AirFit F20 mask. The AirTouch F20 has a foam cushion instead of the silicone cushion found on the AirFit F20. This is a full face mask that covers the nose and mouth.


-UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushion
-30-Day Disposable Cushion Design
-F20 Frame and Headgear
-Magnetic Headgear Clips
-Quick Release Elbow
-Diffused Venting

30-Day Disposable UltraSoft™ Memory Foam Cushion

The AirTouch F20's differentiating feature from the original Airfit F20 is the mask's cushion. The cushion has a memory foam layer that seals on the face instead of traditional silicone. The memory foam is intended to provide a much better fit and seal than silicone.

Due to the nature of the foam, it cannot be washed like a traditional mask. The foam can be wiped daily, but the cushion is only intended to last 30 days before being disposed of and replaced.

F20 Frame and Headgear

The AirTouch F20 uses the same frame and headgear as the AirFit™ F20, meaning that the cushions between the two versions are interchangeable. Existing users of the F20 can purchase the UltraSoft memory foam cushion to try on their existing mask, and users who purchase the AirTouch F20 can purchase the silicone AirFit F20 cushion to try if desired. The frame is one size and fits all three sizes of F20 cushions.

Magnetic Headgear Clips

The AirTouch F20 headgear connects to the mask frame using magnetic headgear clips for ease of use. The magnetic clips lock into place easily onto the frame making for quick placement and removal of the mask.

***Please note:  

ResMed’s magnetic clips are compliant with safety guidelines for magnetic field exposure levels for public use. For patients who have active medical implants, such as pacemakers or implantable defibrillators, it is recommended that the clips be kept at least 2 inches (50 mm) away from implants to avoid any potential interference. The magnetic clips are not suitable for use in cases where patients have a metallic hemostatic clip implanted in the head to repair an aneurysm, or a metallic splinter in one or both eyes.

Quick Release Elbow with Defused Venting

The Airtouch F20 mask elbow is easily added or removed from the mask using the built-in tabs. Simply press the tabs and pull the elbow off of the mask, and click back in to put back in place. The elbow has numerous ports around the elbow allowing air to flow in various directions, making for quieter and less forceful exhalation.