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ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Interface with Headgear, Starter Pack

by ResMed
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Size: Standard Frame

With the ResMed AirFIt P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask you'll be able to do almost any activity as you settle in for a night of restful sleep. With no obstructions to your view, you can catch the end of the big game, read a favorite book, or surf the net! It's all possible with the ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow Mask, as you'll have no obstructions and nothing stopping you from your favorite bedtime activities.

Features & Benefits

Sleep Close to Your Bed Partner Again!
80% Quieter Than Leading Nasal Pillow Masks
Enjoy Falling Asleep With Nothing Blocking Your View
Hollow Frame and Nasal Pillow Design Easily Adapts for Larger Faces
Top of the Head Hose Connection is Great For Active Sleepers
Starter Pack Comes with Pillows in 3 Different Sizes
80% Quieter Than Other Masks! Get Close to Your Bed Partner Again

The ResMed AirFIt P30i Nasal Pillow Mask takes extra steps to reduce mask noise and bothersome blowing air while reducing visual obstructions. You'll not only be able to see and do more, but you and your partner will both enjoy a mask that's 80% quieter than other leading nasal pillow masks and is designed to make it easier to be close.

Great for Active Sleepers and Anyone Struggling with Claustrophobia

The top-of-head hose connection is situated on a 360-degree swivel, allowing a full range of motion without breaking the seal. So go ahead! Toss and turn and move about, all while taking advantage of a possibly more reliable seal. By placing the hose connection on top of the head, it eliminates much of the bulk found with the front of the mask. By removing the bulk, you may be less likely to feel claustrophobic, boxed-in or closed-off.

Flexible Hollow Frame Design Easily Adapts to Larger and Smaller Faces While Minimizing Parts

The hollow frame design allows air to pass from the top-of-hose head connection, moving through the frame and directly to the cushion. The flexible frame comes in two different sizes, small and standard. It's made of flexible material designed to flex and adapt to the contours of almost any face. The hollow frame design can also accommodate side sleeping, and if one side gets closed off, air will automatically be rerouted to the open side. No matter how you sleep, the AirFit P30i has a workaround for it.

Starter Pack Comes With Pillows in 3 Different Sizes

The hollow frame is soft and very flexible, and the different pillow sizes help adapt the frame and make it larger if a smaller size doesn't fit. By including all 3 pillow sizes with the Starter Pack, you won't need to know the size you need at the time you order. You can try out all three and find the one that works for you!