N95 Particulate Pre-Filter

N95 Particulate Pre-Filter



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- All Moldex® Particulate Filters are NIOSH certified. The 8910 N95 Particulate Filter is 95% efficient against non-oil based particulate aerosols only.

- Use the #7020 Filter Retainer with the #8910 N95 Particulate Pre-Filter for prefilter applications with any 7000 Series cartridge.

- The P100, R95 and N95 Particulate Filters are suitable for most welding applications.

- Used for Welding, Grinding, Lime, Metal Machining, Aluminum Processing, Bagging, Brazing, Buffing, Cement Work, Dusty Environments, Foundries, Metal Working, Mining, Polishing, Poultry, Sanding, Soldering, Stone Quarrying, Sweeping, Textiles, Torch Cutting, Waste Processing/Recycling.

- 100% PVC-Free

- Use R95 or N95 Particulate Filters as a prefilter with any gas/vapor cartridge

- Fiberglass-free filters

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