McKesson PROSAT Sterile Cleanroom Wipe 30 Count

McKesson PROSAT Sterile Cleanroom Wipe 30 Count



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  • Suitable for Grade A/B or ISO Class 5 environments
  • Presaturated with 70% USP grade isopropanol and 30% deionized water
  • The melt-blown polypropylene wipes provide a consistent release of solvent to thoroughly remove surface contaminants in critical environments
  • Exceptionally clean and also free from additives of any kind
  • Validated sterile per gamma irradiation
  • Resealable pouch preserves cleanliness and solvent saturation levels
  • PROSAT melt-blown polypropylene wipes are ideal for wiping articles prior to pass through, cleaning process tools and other equipment and general surface cleaning

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