MAXAR Wool/Elastic Ankle Brace (Two-Way Stretch, 56% Wool) - White



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Maxar Wool Ankle Brace is designed for use when warmth, medium compression, and support are desired. Doesn’t irritate the skin and helps prevent allergies often associated with other synthetic/elastic supports. Its anatomical shape, tubular form, and softness make it very comfortable to wear on a daily basis.


  •    56% wool provides natural warmth and breathability
  •    Offers great flexibility and is ideal for sporting activities
  •    Non-allergic and more comfortable to wear than many other brands
  •    Unnoticeable under clothes
  •    Highly recommended by doctors for the prevention and rehabilitation of sprains, strains and ankle injuries
  •    Also for the treatment of arthritic conditions
  •    FDA approved, CE Certified, Material: Nylon 21% | Wool 56% | Elastic 23%

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