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InovaLabs Activox External Battery

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Add even more battery life to the already powerful Lifechoice Activox by Inova Labs. You'll need extra battery life if you are going on vacation, or if you'll be away from home for many hours during the day. It's important to have more than enough battery life with you when you are out and about, because you never know when you could have some kind of travel delay.

This small but powerful external battery plugs right into the power port of the Activox, and adds 2 to 3 hours of battery life depending on the setting you are using. Naturally, the highest setting will take more battery power, so on the setting of 3 on your Activox, it will add 2 more hours. Two more hours can make a world of difference when you are out visiting friends, or taking a flight to your vacation destination.

The external battery can be charged with either the ActivOx DC Adapter or the ActivOx AC Adapter.

-Weighs just 2 pounds
-Adds up to 3 more hours of battery life on the settings of 1 and 2, and 2 more hours on setting 3
-Will fit perfectly into the carry bag so that you can plug it in right when you need it
-Only takes around 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%

Dimensions: 3" Wide x 2" Long x 3.5" High
Outlet Cord: 6 feet
Weight: 2 pounds
Battery Charging Time: Approximately: 3 hours
Battery Duration: Setting of 1 LPMeq = 3 hours
Setting of 2 LPMeq = 3 hours
Setting of 3 LPMeq = 2 hours