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Fisher & Paykel ICON + Premo CPAP Machine w/ Humidifier & Heated Tubing - Certified Pre-Owned

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Certified Pre-Owned


The F&P ICON+ PREMO brings smart new features, sophisticated styling, and a simpler user interface to the already innovative and powerful F&P ICON sleep therapy platform. The ICON+ PREMO is a premium fixed CPAP system offering a wide pressure range, automatic altitude adjustment & leak compensation, ramp, a compact travel friendly design, an onboard alarm clock, an internal heated humidifier, a universal power supply, and advanced therapy reporting.


The ICON's compact body design is contemporary and stylish so it will feel at home in any bedroom. Its forward facing display screen not only allows you to control all of the CPAP's features with a simple SmartDial, it also includes an alarm clock and music playing capabilities.


One of the keys to sleep therapy success is understanding how you're using your sleep therapy system. The ICON+ PREMO's USB SmartStick will record up to 365 days of summary compliance and efficacy data, 30 days of detailed efficacy data (AHI, Pressure, Leak), and cumulative data from the machine's first use. For quick access and telephone compliance reporting efficacy and compliance statistics can be viewed on the ICON's screen. More advanced information can be viewed by doctors and sleep specialists using Fisher & Paykel's InfoSmart Software.


- ThermoSmart Technology - Patented Fisher & Paykel humidification design that is proven to provide more humidity and comfort for the user.
- Fully Integrated Humidifier - Small, compact CPAP design that includes a full humidifier with a very easy-to-fill water chamber.
- Compliance Reporting and SmartStick Data Collection - Track how much you are using your CPAP as well as how effective that treatment is with your ICON.
- SmartDial One-Touch Navigation - User-friendly controls designed for the user.
- Proportional Ramp - Adjust naturally to therapy as you fall asleep because the machine gradually increases your pressure over a specified period of time.
- Auto-Altitude Adjustment - Your machine will compensate for any changes in altitude automatically.
- Convenient Elbow-to-Tubing Connection - Tubing swivels freely from its rotating connection to the machine.

Known for their advanced humidification technology, Fisher & Paykel has introduced the F&P ICON series of CPAP machines. Designed to address your sleep therapy needs through a pleasing external design that fits into any bedroom, effective humidification, and additional comfort and convenience features, the F&P ICON Premo is a great choice for your CPAP treatment.

The F&P Premo incorporates patented ThermoSmart Technology that provides increased humidification, thereby increasing the comfort of your CPAP use. Many side effects of CPAP use can be attributed to dry air blowing into the airway. During normal inhalation, the human body can easily humidify the air at the correct level, but when the air coming in on each inhale is increased greatly (as it is while using a CPAP blower), the body cannot keep up. Side effects include dry mouth, inflamed sinuses, dry eyes and much more. The F&P ICON Premo seeks to alleviate these uncomfortable issues by assuring that, with each breathe, you receive the optimal level of humidification.

The ICON Premo also includes many other features that make CPAP therapy more comfortable and convenient for you. It’s small, travel-friendly design includes a fully integrated humidifier, so you have your CPAP and humidifier with you whenever you travel. Compliance reporting and data collection can tell you how much you’ve been using your CPAP and how well that CPAP has been working (called “efficacy data”). Easy to use controls make the F&P ICON Premo a good machine for even the least tech-savvy person, and once your machine is set-up, using it is as simple as pressing and turning the SmartDial control. Other features such as alarm clock, auto-altitude adjustment, advanced leak compensation, and proportional ramp mean that the ICON family of CPAP machines has everything you need to be successful in your CPAP treatment.


- Weight:4.8 lb
- Dimensions:6.3 X 6.7 X 8.7
- Noise Level:30 dB
- Warranty:2 years
- Data Card:Yes
- Software Available:No
- Ramp:Yes
- Exhalation Relief:None
- Pressure Range:4-20 cm/H2O
- Altitude Adjustment:Automatic
- 110 Voltage:Yes
- 220 Voltage:Yes


- ICON+ PREMO Humidified CPAP Machine
- Humidifier Chamber
- Chamber Lid
- ThermoSmart Heated Breathing Tube
- InfoUSB 2 Data Recorder
- Tubing Elbow
- AC Power Cord
SD Card NOT Included