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AirFit F10 For Her Full Face Mask with Headgear

by ResMed
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The AirFit F10 For Her Full Face Mask with Headgear is part of the lightweight and easy to use AirFit line from ResMed. This is a full face mask and delivers air to both the nose and mouth.


-Compact Design
-Minimal Parts
-Ease of Use and Cleaning
-Free of Forehead Support
-Dual Wall Spring Air Cushion
-SoftEdge Headgear
-Easy Release Elbow
-Quiet Circular Venting


Easy to Use and Lightweight

The AirFit F10 For Her, with only four parts, is easy to clean and reassemble using a cushion and elbow which easily snap back into place The lightweight frame is designed to support the seal and fit of the cushion with minimal contact on the face. The lower headgear straps attach to the mask with easy-to-use hooks on the frame. The upper headgear hooks are suspended by the frame hooks which do not touch the checks.

No Forehead Support

The AirFit For Her offers a stable seal without the use of a forehead support reducing contact with the face and opening up the view. Further, those who feel closed in when using a full face mask may find adjustment easier with the F10 For Her.

Dual Wall Spring Air Cushion

ResMed's dual wall design offers Spring Air Technology which helps to reduce facial pressure and increase the seal of the cushion. The inner wall supports the seal of the outer wall which inflates with air pressure. The cushion of the AirFit F10 For Her can be replaced to extend the life of the mask.

SoftEdge™ Headgear For Her

The seamless SoftEdge headgear reduces possible irritation from harsh edges. The flexible material is lightweight and designed to breathe for a comfortable fit. The technology in the headgear design offers the support needed to maintain a reliable seal when worn loosely. Adjustments to the fit of the headgear can be made at the upper and lower attachments to the mask frame. The headgear packaged with the AirFit F10 For Her has pink accents. The headgear size is labeled as "Standard".

Circular Venting at Quick Release Elbow

The AirFit F10 For Her has a circular vent at the elbow to quietly direct the air away from the user and bed partner. Press the side buttons on the elbow to easily release it from the mask frame for cleaning or during the night. The elbow quickly snaps back onto the mask frame.