3B Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator

3B Aer X Portable Oxygen Concentrator


3B Medical

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The Aer X 5 liter constant pulse POC works with your breathing needs. Aer X uses Active X technology to keep you oxygenated when you need it most. Unique in its class, the Aer X is unobtrusive, and made in the USA.



Model Number: AX1000

Height: 8.38"

Depth: 2.64"

Length: 7.22"

Weight: 4.25 (3.5 without battery)

Battery: 4 hours (setting of 2)

Noise Level: 40 dBA at 2

Bolus: Maximum 02 per min is 1100 cc/mi


App and lifestyle accessories available for active oxygen users