Somnetics Transcend Standard CPAP Base Station



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Somnetics Transcend Standard CPAP Base Station

The Transcend Base Station allows even more flexibility for the Transcend CPAP (the smallest, lightest, most compact, and most portable CPAP system in the world). The user chooses how the CPAP will work to fit their lifestyle. Wearing the Transcend is a convenient and flexible option but Somnetics went further by allowing the user to dock the CPAP on the nightstand as well with the Transcend Docking Station. This optional Docking Station takes the Transcend experience to another level of optimal CPAP therapy.


  • This is an optional docking station for use with the Transcend II CPAP Machine
  • This will provide additional stability for keeping your CPAP machine in place on your bedside table
  • Transcend handheld CPAP "Standard" model
  • The base weighs 0.65 kg (1.432 lb) and provides the stability needed to keep the machine stable all night
  • This base is optional and is not required for CPAP to function
  • Not compatible with the Transcend 3 and Transcend 365 machine


  • Transcend Series CPAP Machines
  • Transcend (Original)
  • Transcend II
  • Transcend EZEX
  • Transcend Auto

Cleaning Instructions

  • Should be cleaned with a 5% solution of mild liquid detergent in distilled water (1.6 fl oz liquid cleaning detergent per quart of distilled water)
  • Mild detergent should contain biodegradable anionic surfactants and no phosphate
  • Periodic Cleaning Cycle 2x/Month
  • Dampen a lint-free cotton cloth with the cleaning solution
  • Wring excess water from the cloth and thoroughly wipe each surface using a back and forth or circular wiping motion
  • Apply firm pressure and ensure contact with all accessible contact surfaces to adequately remove soil buildup
  • Rinse the cotton cloth in distilled water to remove residual cleaning solution
  • Wring excess water from the cloth then wipe the accessory to remove any cleaning solution remaining on its surface
  • Dry surfaces by wiping with a dry, lint-free cotton cloth
  • Be sure the accessory is fully dry before reassembling or using
  • Warning: Do not allow water or detergent solution to enter the Base Station


  • Brand: Somnetics
  • Product Type: CPAP Base Station
  • Stand Size: 5" x 8.27" x 3.25"
  • Foot Size: 5" x 8.27"
  • Weight: 1.43 lb