Invacare CS3 Full-Electric Bed with Bed Ends



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Invacare CS3 Full-Electric Bed with Bed Ends

This bed frame features a slat deck that allows for improved infection control and reduces wear and tear on mattresses. Its tool-less assembly and fast-connect system means faster setup and easier alterations. Auto Contour simultaneously controls the head and knee sections to reduce shearing and friction on the resident’s skin during positioning. The included leg lift allows the lower section of the bed to be raised, which elevates the heels to help reduce swelling. Self-leveling motors ensure that the head and foot section remain level during height travel.

CS3 Full-Electric Bed

  • Offers mobility at low height for added resident safety
  • Maxi-Lock system secures bed to floor in all elevated positions for maximum resident safety
  • Straight vertical rise means bed won’t move toward or away from the wall, saving space and preventing wall damage
  • Adjustable mattress keepers can accommodate 76" or 80"L mattresses
  • Ergonomically designed, water-resistant hand pendant can be plugged into either side of bed for convenience
  • Features tool-less assembly and fast-connect system
  • 3-function beds offer head and foot section articulation in conjunction with height adjustability
  • Features a slat deck that allows for improved infection control and reduces wear and tear on mattresses
  • Mobile-at-low beds provide optimal safety during egress and ingress
  • 4 DC motor beds use two motors to control height adjustments and then two others – one for head and one for knee articulation. This system evenly distributes the work load during height adjustment, and can lead to a longer life than a 3 motor system

CS Series Bed Assist Bar

  • Designed for assisting residents in and out of bed
  • Easy pull knob release quickly folds out of the way with two-way positioning
  • Perfect for elderly users or those with limited mobility
  • Fits CS3, CS5, and CS9 Invacare hospital beds

CS Series Assist Rail

  • Half rail mount to midsection of bed
  • To assist individuals in positioning or during
  • Easy pull knob release quickly folds out of the way with three-way positioning
  • Easy to attach and provides added safety

CS Series ThinkSoft Bed Positioning Device

  • Soft, rounded corners and textured surface for unsurpassed resident comfort
  • Device rotates with head deck, making it easy for residents to reposition themselves
  • Reliable, pinch-free latching mechanism for simplicity of use
  • Open design so residents do not feel trapped
  • Fits CS3, CS5, CS7, CS9, CS9FX600 all deck widths
  • Able to snap current pendant holster on either side of device to adapt to room layout
  • Incorporating a soft design which is also aesthetically pleasing, the thinksoft positioning device features easy, tool-less installation


  • Brand: Invacare
  • Product Type: Electric Bed
  • Material: Steel
  • Number of Motors: 4
  • Functions: 3
  • Rolling Position: Low Only
  • Lock Type: Locking Casters
  • Staff Control: Yes
  • Leg/Heel Lift: Yes
  • Length Range: 76"-80"
  • Height Range: 8.5"-27"
  • Sleep Deck Width: 36"
  • Width: 36"
  • Length Expansion System: Yes, Integrated
  • Emergency Battery Back Up: Optional
  • Headboard/Footboard Weight: 13 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 450 lb
  • Warning: CA Prop 65
  • Warranty: 10 Years - Frame, 3 Years - Electrical, 5 Years - Mechanical

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